The following i a list of important locations in Faerun.



A walled city on the eastern tip of the Dragon Coast. Settled many hundreds of years ago as a trading post by merchants of various races, it has since developed into a hub of naval trade in the region and the capital of the Kingdom of Amalir. The current reigning monarch is King Gamlin I, although the city itself is ruled by constables in charge of each district, collectively subject to the king.
The city is divided into a series of districts:
The Harbour District is where you’ll find most of the docks and warehouses of the city. Here many guilds and shops own storage space for shipping. There are also many taverns for travellers arriving from sea. There are also some shops for tourists.
Known locations: The Casque and Cup
The Old Town was the original settlement of Westgate, back when Guldar Castle was just an outpost on the hill and not even connected to the city. The buildings there are very old, and you’ll find some very antique temples, homes, shops, and cemeteries.
Known locations: The Temple of the Lord, The Old Watchman
The Garden District is the rich and affluent district of the city. It surrounds Guldar Castle, and has several manors and a monastery of its own. It’s mostly residential, with a few expensive shops. As the name suggests, it has many beautiful parks and gardens.
Known locations: Guldar Castle, The Mage’s Complex
The Market District is the largest and most populous of the districts. It encompasses most of the southwestern part of the city, and has shops, markets, and bazaars of every kind. The main market lies in the Market District. It also contains many guilds, temples, and workshops.
Known locations: City Square
The Rat District is the second largest and most populous district after the Market District. It contains the city’s arena, as well as many temples, shops, warehouses, and workshops of its own. It encompasses a lot of the poorer docks and harbours.
Known locations: The Arena
The Shanty Town lies just outside of the western wall of the city. It’s mostly a village of huts and hovels for farmers and overflow population from the Rat District. Cormaeril Castle lies beside the Shanty Town.


The city is divided into various wards.
The Waterfront Ward: The richest part of the city, with plenty of waterfront manors.
The Beggar’s Ward: The poor part of town.
The Cobblestone Ward: Filled with residences and trade.
The Canal Ward: Filled with canals. Old part of the city. Bustling with trade and production.
The Temple Ward: Old and partly deserted part of the city. Lots of fancy buildings. Temples and residences.
The Citadel: An ancient castle around which the city was built. Very defensive.


The city is divided into two primary sections, the Old Town, and the New Town. The old town sprawls across the landscape and is a mixture of clay and timber homes with thatched and tiled roofs, while the new town is a glittering display of marble and stone filled with parks and fountains and extravagant temples.


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